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3 years factory warranty on all Farm ATV

Suzuki Australia is now offering 3 years FACTORY warranty on all Farm ATV products.

From the practical, convenient and super-valued Suzuki Ozark 250, all the way through to the flagship KingQuad 750AXi 4×4 with power-steering which combines sporty appeal with utility strength, Suzuki is now offering customers a full three years Factory Warranty across the Farm ATV range.

Suzuki’s 3 year warranty is not simply a two year local addition to the 12 months factory warranty that previously came with Suzuki’s great range of Farm ATV but an addition two years of full Factory warranty.

"We are proud to be able to extend this great offer to all of our loyal Suzuki customers and also to those looking to make the switch over to our highly regarded range of Suzuki Farm ATV products," Suzuki General Manager, Paul Vandenberg commented.

"While some manufactures offer a one year factory warranty plus a two year local warranty we are proud to be able to offer a full three years factory warranty on all of our ATV Farm products."

For more information on Suzuki’s new 3 year factory warranty interested customers should contact us on (08) 9721 1600, email or visit us in store at 61 Spencer Street, Bunbury, WA, 6230

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750AXI 4x4 Power Steering Camo

Suzuki KINGQUAD 750AXI 4x4 Power Steering Camo - From only $77.15 a week!

Three decades of ATV manufacturing experience has led to the KingQuad 750AXi, and for the true outdoor enthusiasts, Suzuki’s most powerful and technologically advanced ATV is offered in a special edition camouflage colour scheme to help you blend in when you don’t want to be seen. Abundant torque developed by the 722cc fuel-injected engine gives the KingQuad the get up and go that’s a must-have for large Farm & Recreational ATVs. With an independent rear suspension system, locking front differential, and a handful of other features, the KingQuad 750AXi 4×4 Power Steering Camo comes loaded with all the necessities to make sure you get the job done.

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KINGQUAD 750AXI 4x4 Power Steering

Suzuki KINGQUAD 750AXI 4x4 Power Steering- From only $74.70 a week!

The flagship KingQuad 750 with Power Steering is designed to be not only the best all-around sport/utility ATV currently made, but the best ATV Suzuki has ever manufactured.

The electric Power Steering system offers lighter steering in a variety of conditions with less rider fatigue, perfect for farmers who spend a large amount of time on their ATV.

The KingQuad 750 is powered by a single-cylinder liquid-cooled DOHC engine with a bore-and-stroke of 104mm x 85mm – displacing 722cc. The big bore helps this four-stroke develop abundant torque, especially in the low- to mid-rpm range. The fuel-air mixture is delivered efficiently via Suzuki’s own fuel-injection system, featuring technology tested through years of development in high-performance motorcycles.

Advantages of the KingQuad 750’s fuel injection system include reduced fuel consumption overall. Also, there are no choke operations or carburetor settings to consider. Electronic fuel injection provides better throttle response and smoother engine power than a mechanical carburetor. Finally, the KingQuad 750 has the ultimate power-delivery drivetrain and transmission with three drive modes available: two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, and front differential-locked four-wheel drive.

Built around an all-new high-tensile steel frame, the KingQuad’s suspension is fully independent. It’s designed to maintain the necessary rigidity of a hard-working utility ATV as well as the light weight of an easily manageable recreational four-wheeler. New front and rear brake systems help smoothly slow the KingQuad 750 – the front end features hydraulic brakes with 200mm discs at each wheel and a 34mm caliper piston housed in rigid caliper to ensure firm and reliable braking. The KingQuad 750 rides on newly designed, 25-inch, bias-ply Dunlop tires mounted on pressed-aluminum-alloy wheels.

With its high-arched fenders and sharp headlights, the Suzuki KingQuad 750 with Power Steering combines sporty appeal with utility strength.

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Suzuki KINGQUAD 500AXI 4x4 Power Steering- From only $69.80 a week!

A farmer’s work is never done. At the end of a long day, there are still plenty of chores – gear to store, dogs to feed, and firewood to cut It’s at times like these you’ll be thankful for the KingQuad 500’s revolutionary electric power steering. When you work hard and spend a lot of time on your bike, you can really benefit from spending less effort getting around the farm.

As well as helping you stay in control regardless of the conditions, the 500’s super-light power steering helps to reduce fatigue. You’ll be left with more energy and less aches and pains – even after a full day in the seat.

Combine this with a smooth, dual ratio automatic transmission plus independent suspension on all four wheels, and the 500 sets new standards in rider comfort.

Its water-cooled, fuel-injected motor is a grunty performer with unmatched fuel economy. And its large 17.5 litre fuel tank means you can put in a full day without stopping.

So when you finally get to put your feet up, you can feel your work’s done… until tomorrow anyway.

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Suzuki KINGQUAD 500AXI 4x4 - From only $63.90 a week!

You sometimes need the ultimate grunt from your quad, but mostly it’s an everyday all-round gutsy farm companion. Here’s where the KingQuad 500 comes into its own. You get all the advances of the flagship ATV – the KingQuad 750 – but in a package that offers the best value in its class.
The KingQuad 500 boasts the same aggressive new styling, fuel-injected performance, push-button 2WD/4WD select, front disc brakes and sealed oil-bathed multi-disc rear brakes for extra stopping power.

Overall handling is made easier and the ride made more comfortable and stable with independent front and rear suspension. Plus the ‘torque-sensing’ limited slip front differential provides maximum traction and light steering in tight turns.

All this adds up to a bike that doesn’t just lead the mid-sized class but a bike that’s going to carry the KingQuad lineage to new heights.

Comfort, control, power and convenience – all in the KINGQUAD style.

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Suzuki KINGQUAD 400 ASI 4x4 - From only $56.55 a week!

Drawing on expertise gained with farm-bred fuel injection systems for the legendary KingQuad 750 and KingQuad 500, Suzuki has now applied this leading edge technology to the KingQuad 400 range.

The KingQuad 400’s new fuel injection system uses 3-D ignition maps for smooth and responsive power throughout the rev range, along with benefiting from more consistent cold starts for improved reliability. The revised 376cc 4-stroke 4-valve engine features new cam profiles for more usable power, whilst the redesigned exhaust system helps improve efficiency and overall performance.

The KingQuad 400 also features an easy-to-read LCD digital display with a speedometer, odometer, tripmeter, hour meter, clock, fuel gauge and more, allowing riders to track their progress easily and efficiently.

There’s no limit to how tough and versatile a middleweight ATV can be. For proof, check out the KingQuad 400 4×4 Automatic. The KingQuad 400ASi lets you quickly and conveniently select two- or four-wheel drive operation. And whether you have a long day of work ahead or a long trail in front of you, you’ll appreciate your KingQuad’s load of technically advanced features.

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Suzuki KINGQUAD 400 FSI 4x4 - From only $56.55 a week!

Sporty and stylish bodywork. A comprehensive set of features for user convenience and comfort. The KINGQUAD 400FSi 4×4, powered by an efficient fuel-injected 376cm3 4-valve engine matched to a functional semi-automatic 5-speed transmission, is designed, equipped and ready to deliver class-leading performance.

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KINGQUAD 300 4x4

Suzuki KINGQUAD 300 4x4- From only $45.55 a week!

Proof that good things come in small packages the Suzuki KingQuad 300, packs Suzuki’s farm ATV technology and durability into a compact mid size four wheel drive.

Perfect for the farmers who want a machine with a low centre of gravity and comfortable ride the KingQuad boasts fully independent suspension, 210mm ground clearance and low seat height of 810mm.

The KingQuad 300 has an impressive 280cc single cylinder four stroke engine which is coupled to a transmission that offers high range , low range and super low range and the convenience of three drive modes of 2WD 4WD and front differential locked 4WD.

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Suzuki OZARK 250- From only $35.25 a week!

The Ozark 250 is engineered to be practical, with nimble handling and a comfortable ride even when the going gets rough.

With an engine that punches above it’s weight, the Ozark 250 has a broad spread of power and a load of mid-range torque. Smooth transitions between the bodywork, seat and fuel tank make it easier to move back-and forth or side-to-side when riding. Incredibly practical and versatile, the Ozark 250 is a feature packed ATV that is truly is great value for money.

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